The show with the lesbian kiss and spanking
A few moments before the KISS
the KISS
Howard without sunglasses
Howard spanking the woman
Howard's women
Howard walking off stage at the end of the show
Tight shots of Howard
Howard getting frustrated with Jay
Howard with his pointing to the camera
A simple smile
Howard holding his new book 'Miss America'
Hand gesture to Jay
Howard and Jay
Howard gesturing to the band
Howard holding his book
Howard gives up
A very smug look
Howard tries to get the crowd to listen
Howard, Jay, Siskel and Ebert, and the women
All watch as woman nuzzles Howard
Woman sits on Howard's leg
Siskel grabs one of the model's legs
Woman sitting across Howard's lap
Woman now has her leg up in the air
Another shot of the woman on his lap
Woman whispers in Howard's ear
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